Why Recover your Sand?

dairy cows bedded on sand

Sand is the Gold Standard Bedding material but come with Challenges:

  • Cost of sand purchase
  • Wear on slurry handing equipment
  • Blockage of pipe with settled sand
  • Loss of storage due to accumulation of sand laden sludge at the base of the store
  • Difficulty/additional cost of removing sand from slurry store

Separation of sand involves an extra process step, but offers the following advantages:

  • Reduced cost by re-using the recovered sand
  • Reduced equipment wear and risk of blockages
  • Up to a 32% reduction in the volume of slurry entering the store
  • Simplifies storage and spreading, enabling reduction in air and water pollution
  • Separation is key for long term management and capacity of lagoons particularly when covers are fitted as part of DEFRA’s Clean Air Strategy
  • Separated solids can be stacked and spread on the land when conditions are suitable and nutrients required by crops
  • Liquid fraction can be more easily applied using low ammonia emission techniques such as umbilical/injectors and dribble bars

Why Choose Sand Separation Systems?

Designed for UK Farmers

Specifically to recover the fine sand

Manufactured in the UK

Designed, built and supported by a UK Company

Promotes Sustainability

Sand is the second most scarce resource worldwide after water

Cost Savings

Reduces the cost of sand, amount of slurry storage required, disposal of sand laden slurry