Sand Lane Recovery System

The Sand Lane Recovery (SLR) system has been designed to allow the rapid re-use of sand from sand lanes.

The fine sand preferred by UK farmers is slow to dewater and as a result has a high residual slurry content and bacterial load.

Sand Lane Recovery System
Typically, the sand needs to be placed in windrows and allowed to drain/compost for several weeks before re-use. Taking up valuable space and requiring frequent turning.

The Sand Lane Recovery system eliminates this process by using a vibrating screen to remove most of the residual slurry liquor and optionally rinsing the sand with clean water/disinfectant.

How does the Sand Lane Recovery System works?

  • The wet sand is loaded directly from the sand lane into a hopper fitted with a screw feeder
  • The wet sand is fed onto a vibrating screen which removes the trapped slurry liquor
  • Clean Water/disinfectant is then sprayed onto the sand to remove the residual slurry liquor and optionally kill residual bacteria
  • The dewatered sand is then stacked for re-use

Why Choose Sand Separation Systems?

Designed for UK Farmers

Specifically to recover the fine sand

Manufactured in the UK

Designed, built and supported by a UK Company

Promotes Sustainability

Sand is the second most scarce resource worldwide after water

Cost Savings

Reduces the cost of sand, amount of slurry storage required, disposal of sand laden slurry