RunDown Screens

Run Down screens offer a cost effective means of separating coarse debris and fibre from dilute slurry.

Separation is achieved using a stainless wedge wire screen – available in sizes from 0.5mm to 5mm.

Run Down Screen - Sand Separation Systems
How does a Rundown Screen work?

  • Dilute sand laden slurry (SLS) is pumped to the top of the unit and flows down the face of the screen
  • The wedge wire screen deck separates the debris/fibre from the liquid which passes through the screen along with most of the sand
  • A roll press at the base of the screen squeezes the excess moisture from the fibre
  • The sand laden slurry then flows under gravity to the Sand Bedding Recovery Unit (SBR)

Why Choose Sand Separation Systems?

Designed for UK Farmers

Specifically to recover the fine sand

Manufactured in the UK

Designed, built and supported by a UK Company

Promotes Sustainability

Sand is the second most scarce resource worldwide after water

Cost Savings

Reduces the cost of sand, amount of slurry storage required, disposal of sand laden slurry