Sand Bedding Recovery System

Our Patented Sand Bedding Recovery (SBR) system has been specifically designed to separate and recover the fine bedding sand preferred by UK farmers.

Unlike other systems on the market, the SBR system relies on difference in particle density between the sand and slurry allowing the effective separation and recovery of clean sand for re-use.

Sand Bedding Recovery System

To allow separation, the slurry needs to be:

  • Pretreated using a conventional separator to remove coarse debris (i.e. stones, plastic bags, afterbirth etc.)
  • Diluted to allow free movement of the sand particles. Dillution can be achieved using any grey water, for example; parlour washings, recovered water from slurry store, fine screening the dilute slurry after the SBR and reuse

How does the Sand Bedding Recovery (SBR) System work?

  • The dilute slurry from the fibre separator is pumped to the top of the SBR unit and flows down the unit separating the sand from the dilute slurry
  • The sand is dewatered on a vibrating screen and optionally rinsed with clean water/disinfectant
  • The dilute slurry is pumped away to either the slurry store or secondary fibre separator

Why Choose Sand Separation Systems?

Designed for UK Farmers

Specifically to recover the fine sand

Manufactured in the UK

Designed, built and supported by a UK Company

Promotes Sustainability

Sand is the second most scarce resource worldwide after water

Cost Savings

Reduces the cost of sand, amount of slurry storage required, disposal of sand laden slurry