Dairytec 2024 delivered on many fronts.

Sand Separation Systems exhibited at Dairy Tech 2024

Wow, Dairytec 2024 delivered on many fronts.

As an outside exhibitor we were blessed with fine weather which was most welcome as we had no shelter! With a constant stream of visitors throughout the day showing unprecedented interest in the Sand Separator we were blown away by the support and positive comments. We only had time to grab a coffee all day and were still seeing people post close of show.

It appears we have brought to market an affordable, scalable sand separation system that answers the problem many farmers bedding on sand are having – 90% said they just fill their lagoon with the slurry and sand and then deal with it on a yearly basis.

With sand prices increasing, transport costs increasing and increased legislation around slurry spreading there is now a better solution.

Processing your sand laden slurry on a regular basis allows for a smaller volume of liquid slurry in store, the coarse fibre slurry stored separately, and sand reused. The coarse fibre can be spread separately the liquid fraction and less wear on slurry spreading equipment as sand is removed.

Further to our Dairytec visit we are currently looking at what grant funding maybe available through DEFRA and other sources.

We were so busy talking through the concept with people we didn’t take details off many visitors but given the number of leaflets we gave out there was plenty of interest.

Please get in touch for further information we are currently looking for several pilot farms to install the unit on.